Kurssi: Manager's basic tools in your LMS (30 min) | Akatemia

  • Welcome to learn about the Manager's basic tools in your LMS

    In this course, you will learn the basic tools for the Manager of your LMS. 
    As a manager you play the role of an administrator in the environment with administrator rights. Explore the course material by testing what you have learned in practice in your own learning environment. You can return to these tools later to freshen up your skills in your role as an administrator.

    As a manager, your role is to
    • manage user accounts
    • manage course categories
    • manage courses
    • share your knowledge with other members of your organisation
    • support your organisation's content creators
    • work in a team of managers
    • take into account the specific task description agreed within your own organisation

    The Get started -course is part of a planned roll-out project of your LMS

    In a manager role you should take some time to go through the content of this course as part of a planned deployment project. Any comments and questions raised at the end of the independent study will be discussed with the project manager assigned by Mediamaisteri. You will have a chance to consult your project manager in a meeting scheduled in the project timetable in order to ensure that the managers skills are supported.